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What is the meaning of Tulips?

One of the most popular flowers in the world is the tulip. They are found in numerous flower shops, come in a variety of colors, and make an appearance at almost every major event. Many families even place them in the middle of their dining room tables. This has led many people to wonder where tulips come from and what they mean. There are a few points that everyone should keep in mind.

The Origin Story of Tulips

The tulip actually comes from Central Asia and some believe it first grew in the area of Turkey. This is because the word “tulip” comes from the Persian word for turban. This is because, when tulips bloom, they resemble a turban.

Tulips are usually given to express love. There are legends from the Middle East about love that was shared between Shirin and Farhad. While there are numerous variations of this story, most of them involve a red tulip that grows when one of the lovers becomes despondent and kills himself. The spot where he dies is where the first tulip grew. Thus, the symbolism between the tulip and love was born.


The Modern Meanings of Tulips

Now, the meaning of the tulip flower has expanded. There are a few popular meanings for tulips. These include:

  • Tulips are still commonly given to represent love.
  • Tulips are usually the first flowers to grow and bloom during the spring. Therefore, they can represent rebirth.
  • Many cultures associate tulips with generosity and charity

These are a few of the most common meanings given to tulips today. The exact meaning depends on the part of the world and their own customs.

The Colors of Tulips Can Vary

Tulips come in many colors. While the legend above clearly ties red tulips to everlasting love, which still persists today, there are other colors as well. Some of the most popular variants include:

  • White tulips are given to symbolize (or request) forgiveness
  • Yellow tulips are usually given to encourage cheerful, happy thoughts among friends
  • Purple tulips have classically symbolized royalty
  • Pink tulips are usually given to encourage strength, confidence, and growth

While tulips come in many colors, they all mean something different to each person. This is why tulips have become such a popular method of individualism and expression.

Quick Facts About Tulips

Clearly, tulips have a lot of meanings and come in many colors. Some interesting facts include:

  • Tulips are often given on special wedding anniversaries as a symbol of undying devotion.
  • While there are several major colors, there are thousands of varieties from which people can choose.
  • Tulips should be planted in the fall in order for them to grow in the spring and summer.

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